The FTS ATV Flail Mower differs from most mowers in our range because it runs from its own engine. This means it does not require a PTO connection. As this machine attaches to the towing vehicle by a ball hitch, it does not need a 3-point linkage. However, like all our machines, it is vital that all repairs and adjustments are completed while the G-AFL120 is stationary, with the ignition key removed.

How To – G-AFL120 ATV Flail Mower

Drawbar Adjustment

Adjusting the mower drawbar allows the mower to run directly behind the towing vehicle. The drawbar attachment height of the towing vehicle can vary. The adjustment arm is located beneath the drawbar. This should be lengthened or shortened so that the cutting deck is horizontal with level ground. This ensures a better finish. Undo the locking nuts (A), twist the arm to lengthen the link to lower the front of the deck, or shorten to raise the deck. Once the deck is level, re-tighten locking nuts.

Adjusting Roller and Skids

If a wheel drops into a hole on uneven ground, the roller takes the weight of the mower to stop the flails scalping the ground. The roller allows the wheel to hang over the kerb edge, so kerb side grass can be cut without difficulty. The factory pre-set position of the roller and side skids are suitable for most situations. If used regularly on heavy grass however, the roller and side skids should be lowered to increase the clearance between the flail and the ground. If the mower is used as to achieve a fine finish, the roller can be adjusted to give the required cutting height.

To adjust the roller and skids (repeat for both ends):

  1. Loosen pivot bolt ‘A’.
  2. Loosen and remove bolt ‘B’.
  3. Move the bracket and select another hole and replace bolt ‘B’.
  4. Tighten bolts ‘A’ and ‘B’.
  5. Remove the bolt at the front of the skid and the rear of the skid ‘C’.
  6. Select new setting, replace the bolts and tighten. Ensure both skids are set the same and parallel.