The Winton Box Grader is a versatile attachment which can level and scarify ground simultaneously. Proper maintenance is vital to keep it running smoothly. Ensure that the tractor is stationary and the keys are out of the ignition.

How To – WRB Box Grader

Attaching the Implement

Start by finding a flat piece of ground. Lower the 3-point linkage on your tractor to its lowest position and attach the machine to the tractor using the linkage pins and linch pins. Adjust the tractor’s lower linkage arms up or down to ensure the machine sits level on the ground at both ends. Extend or retract the tractor’s top linkage arm to get the box level so the front to back are also both touching the ground.

Ripper Tine Height Adjustment

Occasionally the ground or surface material will be very hard and will require ripping to loosen the soil to allow the scraper blade to be effective. If more aggressive ripping action is desired, lower the tines by 2” increments. If less aggressive ripping action is desired, raise the tines. Sufficiently lift the machine so that the blades and tines can be accessed easily. Always support the machine on rigid supports and ensure it is stable before carrying out any work.

  1. Remove the R clip (1) and remove the curved pin (2)
  2. Move the ripper tines (3) up or down to the desired height and align the holes on the tine and body.
  3. Re-insert pin (2) in the slot and replace R clip (1)
  4. Repeat the process for the remaining tines so they are all level.

Changing Blades

The grader blades on the inside and outside of the box are both reversable.

  1. Remove all bolts (1).
  2. Flip over the worn blade or replace with a new blade aligning with holes on the body.
  3. Replace all bolts (1).

The blade tips on the ends of the tines can also be easily removed and replaced.

  1. Remove bolt and nuts (2).
  2. Remove old blade tip (3) and insert the new blade.
  3. Replace bolt and nut (2).