The UK has some incredibly beautiful woodlands which are a joy to explore, especially on sunny days. However, while it seems like a completely wild habitat, forests and woodlands do require maintenance to keep them healthy. These are Farm Tech Supplies’ top five attachment picks.

WWC Winton wood chipper

  1. Wood Chipper

Wood chippers are ideal to clear or maintain woodlands and dispose of large hedge clippings throughout the year. Branches up to 5” can be feed through the funnel towards the blades, with a plastic flap over the hole to prevent any fly-back. Wood chippers have two types of blades; the flat bed blade on the bottom of the machine, and four fly blades at the quarters of the flywheel, which spins above the bed blade. All of the blades are reversible, so worn blades can be flipped over before needing replacements. The chippings are then shot through the large discharge chute. The direction of discharge can be changed by adjusting the angle of the discharge hood, and the position of the discharge chute with a simple lock pin bracket. Wood chippers are very beneficial. They are a straightforward way to dispose of branches, which results in a useful product. Wood chips are great as a mulch for bedding plants, providing nutrition and cover from the cold, as well as a great addition to muddy paths and drives for better grip. These machines offer a saving in time and effort for woodland management.

  1. Log Splitter

Log splitters are an ideal tool for smallholders and estate owners with woodland. They can be attached to the three-point linkage of a range of small and compact tractors so they can be used exactly where they are needed. The hydraulic oil running through the anti-burst lagging covered tubes creates the force required to split almost any log. The hydraulics can be powered by the PTO connection with the tractor, or with a hydraulic pump that is part of the machine and independent of the tractor. The 10-ton force is concentrated through the chamfered steel splitting wedge. The log rests on the flat steel support plate, though the splitters are used on the ground, so it is possible to split most sizes of log. Log splitters have the advantage of being a simple and easily transportable way to help with clearing woodland throughout the year, as well as preparing some valuable firewood for the cold winter months!

TTB120 FTS tipping box Massey Ferguson

  1. Tipping Transport Box

Tipping transport boxes are perfect for moving a range of materials, such as logs or tools, around smallholdings or estates. These transport boxes can be fitted to the three-point linkage of most compact tractors. The front panel can be removed, and the front scoop used to back into a pile of material for easier loading, and a manual lever by the linkage can be pulled to tip the load out when the desired destination has been reached. The empty transport box can then be manually returned to its horizontal position. Tipping transport boxes are highly manoeuvrable so they can go anywhere the tractor can go. This is particularly handy between trees and over less level ground. They are also extremely easy to load and unload, saving on time and effort.

Winton 450kg Weight Box WWB450

  1. Weight Box

Weight boxes are a fantastic bit of kit for anyone with a small tractor and heavy machines. This attachment is an empty metal box which can be filled with materials such as sand or concrete. It attaches to the three-point linkage of the tractor and changes its centre of gravity to enhance its safety and prevent tipping or bouncing. The ground in woodlands can be uneven so stability is very important. This in turn reduces the load on the front axle, which decreases the wear and tear on the tractor’s tyres, rims and axles. Repairs to rectify these issues can be expensive, so this implement is a money saver. As the tractor will be more stable, it is also safer for both the driver as well as anyone else in the vicinity.

WRB4 Winton box grader

  1. Box Grader

Box graders are the ideal attachment for smallholdings, estates and woodlands, for both grading and ripping. It consists of a box-shaped frame with a scraper plate on the rear of the implement, which curves towards the inside of the frame. On the opposite side of the box grader are several ripper tines, pointing in the direction of movement. The tines can be lowered, to rip the soil, raised or removed completely, to use the attachment as a standard grader. This means that a box grader can be used to loosen compacted soil, but also level out the soil afterwards. Pathways, tracks and drives around and through woodland can be created and maintained with minimal effort. Box graders are easy to use and maintain, as well as being incredibly versatile in multiple situations.