Many people find investing in a compact tractor may be a stretch. But an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) can be a more affordable option and do most of the same jobs with petrol powered attachments. ATVs such as quad bikes, UTVs and even 4x4s fitted with towed equipment can be a versatile choice for your acreage.

Farm Tech Supplies offers a range of products specifically designed for ATVs. This is our five top picks.

How To – G-AFL120 ATV Flail Mower

  1. ATV Flail Mower

ATV mowers are ideal for those without a tractor, as they can be fitted to ATVs and 4x4s by a tow ball hitch. These mowers have their own engines, so they do not need any external power. Just like their non-ATV counterparts, they can tackle long grass, brush and saplings, but also maintain lawns and paddocks when used regularly. ATV flail mowers can achieve a fine finish. For the best results, it is advised to run these mowers at walking pace for ATVs and low first gear for 4x4s. The benefit of ATV mowers lies primarily in their low price, as not only is the machine itself value for money, but it also negates the need for a tractor, which can be a very hefty investment. Despite their lower cost, these mowers still give as good a result as tractor mowers.

B-HG06 Drag harrow Quad bike

  1. Drag Harrows

These harrows are ideal for smallholders and equestrians. The blanket of interlocking tines is dragged by a simple ring hitch, which can attach to a range of tractors, ATVs and 4x4s. There are options for both fixed and 3-way tines. The 3-way tines offer great versatility, as they can give three different intensities of harrow, depending on which way they are turned. The primary position gives the most vigorous harrow, removing moss and weeds, as well as aerating the soil. When the bar is fixed to the opposite side of the harrow bed, a medium strength harrow is achieved. This loosens surface clods of earth and crusting, but also can be used to spread a layer of manure or compost over freshly prepared ground quickly and easily. Lastly, when the harrow is flipped over, the upturned tines are perfect for levelling soil and raking over seeds. These harrows make maintaining grassy areas and levelling soil quick and easy tasks.

Top 5 Attachments for ATVs

  1. Off-Road Trailers

Off-road trailers are the ideal transport with or without the use of a tractor. The swivel ball hitch can attach to a range of compact tractors, but also ATVs, UTVs and 4x4s. The swivel function allows the trailer to ride more smoothly behind the vehicle, even on undulating ground. The timber floor is tanalised for longer life, which can be particularly useful for the off-road stock trailer, as the wood is softer on livestock’s feet than metal. This trailer option also has high side panels to contain sheep, for example, and a side-opening rear mesh gate for easy unloading. The standard off-road trailer has lower sides and a bottom-hinged rear door. These off-road trailers all have galvanised steel sides for enhanced strength, and the large flotation wheels provide greater stability, while also preventing too much damage to the turf. Off-road trailers are small but strong, easily stored, and ideal for any smallholder who wants to avoid the costs of acquiring a tractor.

FR FTS field roller Massey Ferguson

  1. Field Rollers

Field rollers are perfect for smallholders, equestrians, and groundskeepers to maintain flat areas, especially after harrowing or topping. Rollers are a simple but effective bit of kit, made up of a heavy, hollow cylinder on a frame which attaches to a tractor, ATV or even a 4×4 with a simple pin hitch. The inside of the roller can be topped up with water to add extra weight when needed. It is advised to add anti-freeze to the water in the winter, or empty the water out, because if the water freezes, the expanding ice can damage the roller. Grassy areas can be kept flat with regular use, which can keep sports pitches and paddocks even, as well as repairing winter damage from trampling feet churning the ground into mud. Field rollers can also be used to keep drives and sand menages flat.

Top 5 Attachments for ATVs

  1. Water Bowser

The water bowser trailers are perfect for smallholdings, paddocks, and estates, particularly for transporting water to hard-to-reach areas or simply watering the grass on sports pitches and lawns. This attachment consists of the trailer and IBC container. The latter is a food grade IBC tank, which is suitable for transporting animal water. As the container is fully closed, the water is safe from outside contaminants. The trailer is suitable for compact tractors, but also ATVs, UTVs and 4x4s. This is thanks to the swivel ball hitch which tows the trailer. As they are so easy to transport, they are ideal for areas which cannot be easily reached with water pipes, such as hilly or densely forested land. This makes it possible to keep animals in these areas, even during the summer when they desperately need water. When the tank is removed, the trailer itself is suitable to house standard 1m x 1.2m pallet. This means that the trailer is highly versatile and capable of transporting more than just water.