Happy horses don’t just need food and water. They need a good paddock to spend their days in, which needs healthy grass, good drainage, and sturdy fences. These are Farm Tech Supplies’ five top picks for equestrians looking to create the ideal paddock for happy horses.

Top 5 Attachments for Equestrians

  1. Topper Mower

Though not suitable for fine-finish grassy areas, topper mowers are ideal for paddocks and pasture. The sturdy square frame utilizes two flat blades attached at one end to the central blade spindle, to tackle not only grass but also scrub and saplings.

It is best to use the topper mower to clear scrub and brush in the colder seasons, when the plants are dormant, but toppers can be used all year round to keep on top of grass. In addition to their capability with tough foliage, toppers are favoured for their simplicity, meaning that they are easy to use and maintain. Topper mowers can achieve fantastic results, whether reclaiming brushland for pasture, or maintaining the grass in a paddock.

B-HC05 Drag Harrow Quad Bike

  1. Paddock Harrow

These harrows are ideal for equestrians. The blanket of interlocking tines is dragged by a simple ring hitch, which can attach to a range of tractors, ATVs and 4x4s. The tines offer great versatility, as they can give three different intensities of harrow, depending on which way they are turned.

The primary position gives the most vigorous harrow, removing moss and weeds, as well as aerating the soil which improves drainage. When the bar is fixed to the opposite side of the harrow bed, a medium strength harrow is achieved. This loosens surface clods of earth and crusting, resulting in healthier grass and less boggy ground. Lastly, when the harrow is flipped over, the upturned tines are perfect for levelling sand in a menage or gallop. These harrows make maintaining grassy areas and levelling ground quick and easy tasks.

WHB Winton hole borer Massey Ferguson

  1. Post Hole Borer

As the name suggests, post hole borers are ideal for drilling holes in the ground for fence posts, whether for paddocks, pastures, or foundations for stables. The borers have a reinforced frame and a heavy-duty gearbox, powered by a PTO connection to the tractor. The gearbox spins the auger, which comes in a range of sizes, and can drill down to 3ft deep.

These machines are easily transportable, as they attach to the three-point linkage of the tractor. Another advantage is that the auger tip and blades are replaceable. Post hole borers make it easy to repair and build fences to be as robust as possible, perfect for horses and livestock.

WRP1 Winton pipe layer Massey Ferguson

  1. Ripper & Pipe Layer

Ripper & pipe layers are perfect for fields and paddocks for laying flexible water pipes to feed water troughs. They have a fantastically simple but robust design, with a solid frame attaching to the three-point linkage. On the outside of the frame is a metal tube, which directs the pipe and cable into the channel in the ground created by the plough-like blade positioned underneath the linkage.

This implement allows you to lay piping without needing a backhoe to dig out the hole, saving money on a hired backhoe or digger, as well as the effort of burying the pipe and re-turfing the ground. Ripper & pipe layers give the best result, with minimum damage to the turf and excellent value.

Top 5 Attachments for Equestrians

  1. Tipping Transport Box

Tipping transport boxes are perfect for moving a range of materials, such as hay or riding equipment, around equestrian centres. These transport boxes can be fitted to the three-point linkage of most compact tractors. The front panel can be removed, and the front scoop used to back into a pile of material for easier loading, and a manual lever by the linkage can be pulled to tip the load out when the desired destination has been reached. The empty transport box can then be manually returned to its horizontal position.

Tipping transport boxes are highly manoeuvrable so they can go anywhere the tractor can go. They are also extremely easy to load and unload, saving on time and effort.