Every machine has its own specific maintenance tasks, this can be found in the users’ manual. However, there are some universals for most PTO and hydraulically driven tractor attachments which will ensure it delivers the best results and fewer long term repairs.

Tractor Attachment Maintenance – FTS Beginners’ Guide

Grease the Gears and Bearings

All tractor attachments with moving parts will require some lubrication to make sure they keep moving. Many of these parts are moving incredibly fast so there is a lot of friction when they are not sufficiently greased and can cause damage to the machine. Each machine has handy grease points which lead to bearings that need greasing. Most agricultural implements and Winton attachments will take a universal grease. You will usually find grease points on bearings on each end of rollers, blade rotors, hydraulic RAMS and PTO shafts.

The type of grease required and preferred frequency of greasing can be found in your user manual.

Gearboxes also require oil to run. The level needs to be regularly checked and topped up if necessary. Most flail mowers will have level plugs to indicate the level to fill the gear oil to. The most common gear oil for Winton tractor attachments is 80w90 or am equivalent.

Gear oil deteriorates over time, meaning that after a certain amount of time, it will need to be drained and replaced. The oil grade is specific to the machine and manufacturer, how often to change the oil and how to do this will be in your implement manual.

Hydraulic connections should be monitored for low levels and leaks. If a tractor attachment is run off the tractor’s hydraulic spools, the hydraulic reservoir on the tractor will need to be filled up. Some machinery like the Winton hedge cutter, has it’s own hydraulic tank which will need to be filled. A low level of hydraulic oil will mean that the hydraulic functions will not function at full strength so it will need to be topped up.

A leak of hydraulic fluid is a bit more serious as the fluid is toxic. If a leak is found the hose may need to be replaced promptly.

WSB Winton stone burier underneath blades

Tighten the Bolts

With so many bolts on many attachments, it can seem like an overwhelming task, but you should frequently check to ensure all bolts are tight. The vibrations from the tractor and in some cases the machine itself, can cause the bolts to shake loose over time.

This is particularly important with blade bolts and lock nuts, so that blades stay secured during use. Replace bolts and locking nuts when blades are replaced for added peace of mind.

Tractor Attachment Maintenance – FTS Beginners’ Guide

Keep It Clean

A build-up of dirt and debris can impact performance or even lead to a breakdown. Compact tractor attachments spend most of the day in dirt, grass clippings and often soggy conditions. Damp conditions can cause rust, while dirt and clippings can tangle and clump in the moving parts of tractor attachment.

WFM Winton finishing mower underneath

Repair Is Key

While it may be tempting to leave a tarnished blade or dented panel, it is better to fix a broken part as soon as possible so it doesn’t cause problem later on.

A bent blade on a mower may cause scalping or an uneven cut, especially on a finishing mower. A shot bearing, worn out PTO shaft or a snapped belt can cause damage to the rest of the machine which can be difficult and expensive to repair.

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