Most schools, especially in more rural areas, have quite extensive grounds. Along with the maintenance of the buildings, the grounds take a lot of work to keep up to scratch throughout the year. That’s why having a compact tractor and some handy tractor attachments can be a lifesaver.

WFM180 Winton Finishing mower Kubota

Luscious Lawns

School fields present a small challenge for groundskeepers. The grass and ground need to be level, healthy and close-cut to keep up with school sports, and also look neat all year round. However, with such heavy footfall, school fields can easily become muddy or overgrown.

You’ll usually want to start with a good and reliable compact tractor to fit you machinery to. A tractor fitted with turf tyres would usually be best to avoid leaving too many tyre tread marks. A finishing mower is capable of achieving a fine finish and with the Winton range offering mowers with a working width up to 2.35m, it can be finished relatively quickly.

However, short grass is not always very sturdy. This can be improved by spreading fertiliser and the Winton Fertiliser Spreader is ideal for this task. It can also spread grass seeds when the grass is looking a bit thin. The spreader is also a handy attachment for Winter, spreading salt on icy roads and for extra grip on slippery paths.

Though the feet may be small, the constant foot traffic on the grass can cause compacted soil and boggy ground. This does not make for the best football match. The Winton Aerator is a simple solution, piercing the ground without too much disruption to the grass and aerates the soil, allowing for better drainage. With the roller upgrade, any bumps can be evened out at the same time.

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Healthy Hedges

Hedges can be a great barrier between the grounds and the outside world. They have some sound-cancelling and prevent most wayward footballs leaving the grounds. The leaves and branches provide a home for wildlife, which in addition to helping the local environment, provides an excellent opportunity for school science projects. However, hedges do need management or they become unruly. A compact tractor mounted Winton Hedge Cutter or Deleks Hedge Trimmer could be perfect for this job. The hedge cutter can power through heavy growth, while the trimmer leaves a neater-looking result with fewer splinters. You’ll need to ensure that your tractor has a cab or adequate guards for protection when using any high level hedge cutters.

School’s Out – FTS Beginner’s Guide to School Grounds Maintenance

Mending Fences

When new fences are needed or old fence posts need replacing, the PTO powered Winton Post Hole Borer is capable of drilling holes for stable posts. The holes can go as deep as 60cm and the interchangeable augers range in size from 15cm (6inch) to 30cm (12 inch). The holes can be backfilled to secure the fence posts. The post holes can also be used for the foundations of small structures, such as gazebos and sheds.

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Heavy Lifting

There are plenty of heavy items which need to be moved around the school grounds, from sports equipment, to rubbish, to tools and everything in between. This can take several trips and a bit of time. The Winton and FTS Tipping Transport boxes have a maximum capacity of 500kg and when the rear panel is removed, the base of the transport box can be used as a scoop for loose materials.

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