Removing the Fuel Tank” style=”center”]

Our next task involved replacing the front axle, but before we could even think about starting this work we needed to remove a few key components to get access.

The first stage of this was removing the fuel tank. We started by disconnecting the positive lead from the battery, mounted on the left side of the driver’s seat. Then next turned off the fuel tap which is situated to the rear of the fuel tank on the left-hand side, it helps to avoid creating too much of a mess especially when dealing with fuel.

Next, we disconnected the following fuel pipes:

  • Reservoir tank to filter – at filter side
  • Reservoir tank to thermostat – at thermostat end
  • Fuel return pipe – at main fuel tank end
  • Main fuel pipe – below sediment bowl

Pic fuel tank 1a

There are 2 sprung bolts at the front of the tank which we slackened and then the 2 set screws which hold the tank to the battery carrier were removed. It is a bit awkward to get into the space to loosen the screws, especially if they are a bit stiff to start with best to use a deep ratchet socket for best results. When you have managed this the fuel tank can be simply slid backwards to disengage the spring-loaded bolts and then removed.

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