In this blog, we will reveal some interesting facts about the average friendly bee. If only to raise some awareness for this productive little creature, who’s population is diminishing due to deforestation, climate change, pesticides etc.


  • The honey bee has been around for over a million years.
  • Female worker bee’s live for around 6 weeks.
  • Females change roles as they age, these roles include ‘cleaner bee’ ‘nurse bee’ ‘guard’ ‘flying forager’
  • The Queen will lay around 2,000 eggs a day.
  • They are the only insect in which humans consume what they produce.
  • It would take one ounce of honey to fuel a bee’s flight around the world.
  • An average honey bee will visit between 50 to 100 flowers during its collection process.
  • The queen bee will live for usually 5 years and can control whether to produce male or female offspring.
  • ‘Drones’ are male bee’s and are significantly different to the female worker bee’s as they have no stinger and their only role is to mate with the queen.
  • Honey bees communicate with one another by dancing.

With all this in mind we hope that measures will be taken to increase the population of this wonderful little critter.