Exploring the rolling hills, beautiful forests and green fields are fantastic ways of staying active. However, you should keep in mind there are official and unofficial rules you should keep to. This ensures walkers, landowners and animals are kept happy.

Keeping the noise to a minimum in certain situations is vital. Especially on camp sites where others are staying. It is also important as to not disturb the wildlife.

Leaving the countryside as you found it. Littering and leaving your dogs waste is just not acceptable especially on private land, please keep it with you until you can dispose of it responsibly. On top of this you should not pick any wildlife.

Sticking to the trails is important. When out exploring visitors shouldn’t stray from the path and shouldn’t climb any fences as it can damage them. On top of this you should always leave any gates the same way you found them.

Use public parking lots, this means not using private driveways and ensure you pay the appropriate parking fees.

Adhering to signs and landowner’s wishes is extremely important, if you come across a sign marked ‘private’ or if a landowner asks you to leave then you must respect these decisions.

Saying ‘hello’ can be the difference between a landowner telling you to leave and letting you carry on your walk. Please respect the fact it is their land and you should be friendly.

Wild or farmland animals shouldn’t be approached but instead give them a wide berth, even dogs on a leash should not be stroked.