We have a lot of people asking this question, below we have put together some pros and cons of each to try and help you decide.
Turf tyres are used to minimise ground disturbance on grassy or sandy ground. They tend not to tear grass up and shouldn’t leave imprints into the ground. They also have the most ground contact area due to having shallow tread depth. Turf Tyres aren’t good in wet condition so its best to use them when its dry. They are most commonly used on lawns, football pitches and golf courses.
Agri tyres are generally found on farming machinery. Agricultural tyres are wider and have a deeper tread, which makes them ideal for a muddy field. A good quality agricultural tyre can carry heavy loads while putting minimal pressure onto the ground, this will avoid creating ruts in the soil. Agri tyres are most commonly used on fields, paddocks and small holdings.

Turf Tyres Pros

  • Wider profile
  • Will not damage ground/ grass
  • Shallow tread depth

Turf Tyres Cons

  • Turf tyres are usually more expensive
  • Can only be used in dry weather
  • Will slip in wet conditions
  • Low torque power

Agri Tyres Pros

  • Puts minimal pressure onto the ground
  • Good in muddy conditions
  • Deeper tread
  • Good for heavy loads

Agri Tyres Cons

  • Narrower profile
  • May churn up grass
  • Not recommended for lawns as they leave indents.