In the current Covid-19 pandemic people have a lot more time on their hands and are turning to landscaping to pass the time. With local tips and recycling centres being closed we have researched a few ways to use your left-over tree stumps (depending on which trees you have) without needing to leave your home!

If you can’t get the actual stumps out of the ground you could use them as a post for a bird bath, or could design a ‘fairy garden’ out of the leftover tree ( there are plenty of ideas for these on the internet!). Some people have also built tree houses out of them or attached slides to them for some home entertainment for the kids!

If you can get the stumps out the first option is an obvious one – cut them into smaller pieces for firewood in the winter. Another option is livening up your fishpond! Toss them into the bottom of your pond to create a natural fish habitat.

If you have a lot of stumps and they are a decent size, you could line them up and make a new fence out of them.

And finally, if you have an artistic streak in you, you could turn some larger stumps into a coffee table. A simple design for this could be sanding the whole stump down and attaching a round or square piece of glass on top!

Whatever you decide, we hope you enjoy!