This time of year, and with the weather as it is weeds are thriving! I have researched a few ways to help keep them at bay, and also found some plants to help!

Most of us have tried the irritating approach of pulling each weed out one by one… but you always miss one, and they grow back before your eyes!

The obvious option is to spray the weeds with weed killer, but this can be very time consuming and bad for the environment if you have pets and children. You also need to watch out for surrounding plants, weed killer will damage anything in its path.

Another option is boiling water, next time you boil pasta try chucking the leftover water over common weed spots. Whilst your in the kitchen you could also mix some salt and warm water to spray over the weeds, you do need to watch where the salt goes though as it can make soil infertile for future plant growth.

If you have chickens, they are a great way of getting rid of weeds and tilling your grass while scavenging for insects they claw at the grass and pick out the weeds. Some people also find chickens useful for getting a veg patch ready for the winter months.

Some plants which can help keep weeds at bay are:

Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla). This plant has broad rounded leaves which spread out smothering weeds. It has upright flower stems which crowd together leaving no room for weeds.

Bugle (Ajuga). Bugle keeps weeds at bay by slowly creeping along the surface of the soil putting down roots as it goes. The leaves then knit together so there isn’t even a mm of space for the weeds to grow. This plant is also great for shady areas.

Hosta. Happy in shade and in sun the Hosta leaves overlap and overlap creating a dark space underneath them which weeds hate!

Whatever you decide to try we hope this helps keep the pesky things at bay!