This is a question we often get asked this time of year, we have compiled some information on the mower types we stock to help you decide.

Flail Mowers:

Flail mowers are versatile machines, they have a number of heavy-duty blades (flails) fitted to a rotor. The hammer blades sit on a horizontal rotor which rotates and spins the hammers creating a flail motion.

Flail mowers cut from light grass up to gorse etc.. they can also cut through saplings dependent on the machine type, this makes them ideal for use on rougher areas of grass. Cuttings from a flail mower are mulched up into smaller pieces and spread across land.

Flail mowers are ideal for use on Pasture, Sports Fields & Paddocks.

Topper Mowers:

Topper Mowers can often give a closer cut than a finishing mower, as long as the ground isn’t too stoney.  Topper mowers have two blades which are attached to a blade carrier, this rotates to allow the blades to top the grass.

Topper mowers are best suited for paddocks or areas of rough pasture, the topper tops the grass and slices through materials such as brambles avoiding tangles. The cuttings are longer than a flail or finishing mower and the grass is usually thrown against the skids of the machine leaving rows of cuttings.

Topper Mowers are ideal for use on Fields, Pasture & Paddocks.

Finishing Mowers:

Finishing mowers create a close-cut finish using three rotary blades. The centre of each blade is fixed to the mower, the blades rotate on the blade spindle/hub assembly.

Finishing mowers are best suited for regularly maintained, level areas. The machine is height adjustable which helps to leave a very fine and close to the ground cut.

Finishing mowers are ideal for use on Golf courses, Lawns, Campsites & Sports Fields.


We hope this helps you to decide on the best mower for your land.