Iseki were founded as “Iseki Farm Implement Trading Co.” in Japan in August 1926. In April 1936 they commenced production of rice hullers and automatic rice graders. In 1936 they also incorporated as Iseki & Co. LTD. May 1946 saw them establish a new plant in Kengun-machi, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto-ken.

In June 1961 Iseki’s shares were first listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and they began building tractors. March 1967 saw Iseki start manufacture of Rice-transplanters, combine harvesters and binders and accomplished mechanized integrated systems for rice cultivation using those and tractors.

In May 1969 Iseki renamed the Tokyo Branch “Tokyo Headquarters”. 1971 was a big year for Iseki and in February they established N.V. ISEKI Europe S.A. in Brussels. In September 1972 Iseki expanded & relocated the head office Matsuyama Plant (Wake).

October 1982 saw Iseki relocate their engineering department to Tobe-cho, Iyo-gun, Ehime-ken.

Iseki have changed the way grass clippings are collected on their garden tractors. Unlike most machines where the grass is forced up over the transmission and other elements, the Iseki tractor has a system where the transmission is passed to the wheels by a series of chains, much like a rice paddy tractor.

Iseki’s tractors have been and are still being sold worldwide.