Ideally situated within the beautiful South Downs National Park in Hampshire, Farm Tech Supplies are passionate about providing smallholders, compact tractor owners and family-run British businesses with essential tools and machinery to complete agricultural work and projects and fulfil aspirations. Across the UK, organic farms, orchards, vineyards, landscape gardens, sports clubs, equestrian centres and outdoor activity parks and venues, benefit from Farm Tech Supplies’ wide array of mowing and groundcare equipment.

The Winton Wood Chipper is a popular piece of machinery that can be used to tidy trees on smallholdings and clear garden offcuts and even old timber-framed outbuildings, plus, of course, copses and woodlands, especially during the colder months when the leaves have fallen and so branches are clearly visible and easily accessible.

Wood chippers work on most types of fresh and dried wood, such as pine, beech and birch, chipping wood up to 12.5cm in diameter into small manageable pieces – 2.5cm or so squared. Wood is manually fed into a chute and the chipper’s blades break the solid pieces down into chips. A great feature of the chipper is its four reversible cutting blades – when a blade becomes blunt it can simply be reversed and used again before being replaced. Other features include a 360-degree adjustable output chute (with hood) which can be rotated in any direction to precisely aim the chippings, plus a shear bolt Power Take-Off (PTO) for enhanced safety.

Wood chippings are a great option for decorative landscaping and compost. Covering the soil’s surface with chippings on flower beds, vegetable patches and around fruit trees, will help to retain soil moisture and reduce the frequency/amount of watering required. Subsequently, the chippings become a natural fertiliser as they quickly decompose into a biodegradable mulch, and mulch brings an array of benefits – gradually releasing nutrients, protecting plant roots from extreme temperatures (good frost protection), encouraging beneficial soil organisms, improving soil structure and organic matter, suppressing weeds by blocking sunlight, and deterring some pests. Wood chippings are also a good natural surface option for footpaths, parks and enclosed areas, such as children’s play areas, and they have a market value if sold in large quantities.

The versatile Winton Wood Chipper is small and compact. It simply attaches to a range of small or compact tractors; it is easy to manoeuvre through gates, alleyways and small spaces; and it is simple to store and transport across multiple sites. It will prove a worthwhile investment for any smallholder, reducing time, effort and the need for space to store wood. Other gems in the range include a Winton Tipping Trailer and Winton Transport Box, both designed with reliability, durability and flexibility in mind. With the ability to move branches, logs, wood chippings and a variety of farming equipment and materials around any holding, what’s not to like?

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