As much as the excitement of waking up to mounds of fresh, glittering snowfall never gets old, the impact of heavy snow on access and transport can be devastating. Uncleared roads create dangerous driving conditions and congestion that prevents essential public and emergency services from operating.

As such, snow ploughs have a crucial role in preventing accidents and allowing life to continue despite the cold weather. And on farms and smallholdings, where the rural roads used for access see little traffic and are, therefore, left susceptible to frost and snow for longer periods, snow ploughs have become a lifeline.

The evolution of the snow plough

We don’t often experience extreme snowfall in the UK (at least not down south), but that wasn’t always the case.

Records refer to a ‘mini ice age’ that began in the 1600s and ended in the early 1800s. During this time, rivers and canals — including the River Thames — froze deep enough for ice skating rinks and festivals to be erected on their surface!

But as time moved on and populations grew, heavy snowfall began to present problems for city populations who relied on open roads for food and supplies. By the 1800s, people were hired as snow shovellers and snow wardens to clear the streets with shovels and brooms in a storm to allow people and sleighs to move freely.

Then, as industrialisation gained momentum, horse-drawn wedge ploughs made of wood were used to clear mounds of snow. And with the widespread adoption of motor cars in the 20th century came even greater snow clearing capabilities, with people designing truck-like vehicles with plough blades to keep routes clear.

Since then, developments in technology have created a market for more compact and efficient snow removal equipment for consumers. There’s even a famous fleet of hilariously named snow plough ‘gritters’ in Scotland — you can track their locations online!

Snow ploughs for smallholdings

Thanks to the evolution of snow removal equipment from snow blowers to powerful rotary snow plough trains for railroads, winter storms no longer bring cities to a halt. But in more rural areas, heavy snowfall still presents several access issues, with uncleared roads creating the perfect conditions for accidents — or preventing people from going out at all.

So, if you own a small farm or smallholding, you’ll be glad that you invested in a snow plough attachment for your small tractor when you wake up to snow on the ground. This simple piece of equipment offers a convenient, efficient snow clearing solution, allowing you to clear pathways to tend to animals on your smallholding.

We supply a 1.5-metre hydraulic snow plough blade with a rubber scraper that prevents surface damage and can be reversed when worn on one side. The blade can pivot 28 degrees to the left and the right, enabling snow to be piled on one side or in a corner with ease, and it has a reinforced design for maximum durability and reliability.

Plus, our snow blade can be used all year round as a yard scraper or for levelling the ground. Ideal for clearing leaves and debris from farm tracks, bridleways, long driveways and private estates, this is the perfect multipurpose tool for any smallholding.

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