Although everyone with a hedge has used either a hedge trimmer or cutter at some point, many consider them to be interchangeable words for the same thing. This is not the case. Each has their own function and can compliment the other. So, do your hedges need a trimmer or a cutter?

DFALCO Hedge trimmer John Deere

Hedge Trimmers

Trimmers should be used for lightweight or more intricate hedge work. They are ideal for hedges or trees still in their formative stages. Frequent use helps to maintain dense foliage, once a year is recommended for informal hedges, and twice for formal hedges.

Hedge trimmers also provide a more precise cut, leading to a neater appearance without unsightly snapped or splintered branches. This also means that if you want to create an effect, such as box hedges or rudimentary topiary, a hedge trimmer is ideal. A more elaborate design will need trimming more often. In most cases a trimmer is also safer than a cutter, because it is less likely to create high-speed flying debris.

Most hedge trimmers on the market are handheld, which is not always feasible for smallholdings and estates, as this would take too much time. However, Farm Tech Supplies has a solution, with the Deleks FALCO hedge trimmer range. This piece of equipment can be fitted to a tractor, but thanks to the PTO system, it does not require a tractor with hydraulics. It is easily positioned with four levers for optimum precision results, and with the double hydraulic pump system, the arm and the cutter bar can move simultaneously.

WAM80 Winton hedge cutter Solis tractor

Hedge Cutters

Where a trimmer just won’t cut it, is where the hedge cutter takes over. The cutter is more robust with bigger blades to deal with thicker and heavier workloads. While hedge cutters should not be used for new hedges or other precision work, they are ideal for thick hedges and large branches.

Cutters do not need to be used as often as trimmers, usually once a year is sufficient, though this does depend on the type of hedge. Some trees, for example beech or conifer, grow quickly so these types will need more frequent maintenance.

The Winton flail hedge cutter, available from Farm Tech Supplies, is a multipurpose tool that makes heavy-duty hedge cutting on estates and smallholdings quick and easy. Just like the Deleks hedge trimmer, it is tractor mounted but independent of the tractor’s hydraulics, thanks to its PTO system. It is suitable for use on UK roads so even these hedges can be kept neat and tidy. However, not only can this attachment be used for hedges, but also on ditches, embankments and verges, due to its highly manoeuvrable arm and cutting head.

Final Thoughts

Though both cutters and trimmers are part of maintaining the condition of hedges, they should not be used interchangeably. The hedge trimmer is ideal for smaller workloads or those hedges that require a more precision cut. For anything too large for the trimmer, there is the hedge cutter, which has more power and larger blades to tackle thick hedges and branches.

A final thought should also be given to what to do with the cuttings left by the trimmer or cutter. A Winton landscape rake is a quick and efficient way to gather the cuttings, ready for disposal. And for the disposal of the branches, there is the Winton wood chipper, which can chip branches up to 5 inches in diameter. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.