February can be a quiet month on farms and smallholdings, but there is still plenty that can be done to ease the load for the rest of the year.

Trees and hedgerows


  • Trees and Shrubs: plant deciduous trees (see our blog Plant a Tree This Winter) and shrubs in good weather and firm any which have been loosened by frost or wind. Putting down mulch is a great solution. Why not make your own mulch with the Winton Wood Chipper?
  • Hedges: cut back overgrown hedges and clear weeds. A Winton Hedge Cutter fitted to the back of any compact tractor with cab will make light work of hedgerows.
  • Roses: plant roses and prune if weather is fair and dry.
  • Perennials: remove dead stems before young stems begin to grow, plant new and divide old plants.
  • Vegetables: if the weather is mild, dig over vegetable beds and fork in compost or manure.


  • Lawns: on dry days scatter worm casts (piles of digested dirt from earthworms), stay off if wet or frosty. This will help to keep the soil aerated throughout the year.
  • New beds: if weather is going to be frosty dig over and let the frost break the soil up for you, but only in new beds. If you have a large area to break up, the FTS G-FTL, or heavier Winton WRT and Agrint COUNTRY rotovators are available from Farm Tech Supplies, depending on your requirements.
  • Fencing: as per our blog Protect livestock by repairing fences, now is a good time to fix any downed fences or put up new ones, while animals are safely sheltered. With three different auger size options, the compact tractor driven Winton Post Hole Borer is a quick and simple way of erecting fences on your property.

Farm Animal Care

  • Poultry: mainly inside so straw will need to be changed more frequently. The Winton Bale Spike is ideal for transporting the straw around your land.
  • Sheep: brought in for pregnancy scanning and housing ready for lambing.
  • Cows: calving will begin at the end of the month.
  • Pigs: if piglets are weaned, bring the sow in for breeding or artificial insemination if you choose not to keep a boar.
  • General: spread slurry and fertiliser on fields which hay or silage will be taken from later in the year, perhaps with the Fleming PTO Spreader for increased ease of