It can be difficult to know where to start with which pieces of equipment are right for your smallholding. That is why we have put together our pick of essential compact tractor attachments, ideal for just about every job on your land.

WVF Winton verge flail New Holland

Flail Mowers

These nifty bits of kit are great all-rounders for paddocks and lawns. Flail mowers have almost the same capability as a topper mower when clearing scrub and brush, but also give a cut nearly as fine as a finishing mower. The flail mower will only leave your grass a centimetre or two longer than a finishing mower, with the added bonus of mulching the clippings. There is also plenty of choice in subtypes of flail mower so you are bound to find one that suits your needs.

  • Standard Flail Mower- Both the FTS and Winton ranges are robust, and with larger gearboxes and blades on the Wintons, making them heavy duty no matter what.
  • Compact Flail Mower- When your tractor’s horse power can’t quite manage a standard flail, both the Winton and Agrint Compact Flails are the solution.
  • Side-Shift Flail Mower- Not all grass can be reached with a conventional flail mower, such as the space between or under trees in an orchard. As they can be offset to the side, the Side-Shift Flail Mowers, available from both Winton and Agrint, can get to these awkward areas. The Winton range is hydraulic, so you don’t need to leave your seat to change the offset, whereas the Agrint ranges are ideal for tractors without a hydraulic connection.
  • Verge Flail Mowers- The verge flail is the all-singing, all-dancing flail mower. Using a hydraulic connection to the tractor, it can be offset to either side, but also tilted 90° upwards and 45° down to mow both verges and ditches.
  • ATV Flail Mower- The FTS ATV Flail Mower has all the capabilities of a standard flail but without the need for a tractor. It can be hitched to an ATV or 4×4 vehicle.

Winton WRP1 Ripper and Pipe Layer

Ripper and Pipe Layer

A veteran of Farm Tech Supplies, this piece of equipment has been one of our staples for a long time. The Winton Ripper and Pipe Layer can lay water pipe or armoured cable to reach new paddocks or fields while leaving very little damage to the turf. This saves time and money that would be spent on hiring a digger or backhoe.

FTS 1.8m Tipping Transport Link Box TTB180

Tipping Box or Trailer

The Fleming or FTS Tipping Transport Boxes are ideal for carrying a range of items around your smallholding, especially if your tractor does not have hydraulics. The manual tipping lever means it is simple to use. When the rear panel is removed, the box has front scoop for backing into soft materials for even better ease of use.

For larger and heavier loads, the D W Tomlin or Winton Tipping Trailer is a great choice for the busy smallholder. With a robust build, these trailers have a load capacity of up to 2tn. The hydraulic tipping mechanism makes unloading a breeze, especially for clearing muck or unloading logs for winter.

G-FTL FTS rotovator John Deere


Sometimes spelled ‘rotavator’, this machine is perfect for breaking up compacted soil and levelling the ground ready for planting vegetable gardens. For sub-compact tractors, the FTS range of rotovators packs a punch, despite their size. The Winton and Agrint ranges are more heavy duty, and their larger size can cover more ground at once so they are a great attachment for a larger compact tractor.


Chain Harrow

The William Hackett Drag Harrow, a.k.a. chain harrow, has three-way tines for three different intensities of harrowing and can be hitched to most vehicles, including ATVs, 4x4s and small tractors. The framed harrow requires the 3-point linkage of a tractor, but does provide greater manoeuvrability as it can be lifted by the tractor, and all but the smallest in the range can be folded up for easier storage.

Harrows are often used to pull out the old grass and thatch from paddocks and aerate the soil to promote new growth. They can also be used to level out loose mole hills or on the passive setting as a light rake over new seedbeds.

FR FTS field roller Massey Ferguson

Field Roller

The FTS Field Roller is well-suited to levelling the ground, whether grass, gravel, or sand. The barrel can be filled with water to the desired level so it can exert exactly the pressure you need. Combined with regular harrowing, a roller can also help promote grass growth in fields.

Winton Wood Chipper

Wood Chipper

Branches up to 5 inches in diameter can be easily shredded with the Winton Wood Chipper. This means you can keep any woodland or hedgerows on your smallholding tidy, and make your own wood chips, which could be used for anything, from garden mulch, to grip on pathways.

WHB Winton hole borer Massey Ferguson

Post Hole Borer

The Winton Post Hole Borer is an easily transportable and manoeuvrable attachment, which allows you to bore holes up to 3ft deep wherever they are needed. This means you can quickly and easily build and maintain the fences on your smallholding.

Of course, it may not be viable to purchase all the items for your compact tractor and smallholding in the first instance. Many of our customers start with the more essential items such as grass care equipment and then add to their collection over the years as the need arises! If you have any questions or need a bit of advice on where to start, our friendly sales team will be happy to help.