At this time of year, us Brits love nothing more than a picnic in the sunshine. We have put together some tips to help you get prepared for your picnic with the family.

Respect the environment. Always take a spare bin bag to take any litter home with you. Take particular care to take any glass with you as this can start a fire in grass on particularly sunny days!

Follow the Countryside Code. Keep dogs on the lead on or near farmland. Check you have shut any gates that you found closed behind you. Always try and stick to footpaths and bridleways.

Keep hydrated, take plenty of bottles of water and cups. And pack a bowl for your dog to have a drink. Taking partially frozen water will keep the drinks cool, and act as an added cool pack.

Pack finger foods so they are easy to eat, and nothing too heavy… you have to carry it to your destination after all! Avoid cakes and sticky puddings as they are fragile to transport and the sugar will attract ants, wasps and insects.

Remember your sun cream and pack some baby wipes for any sticking hands! And finally, enjoy…