What tools do you need for all-purpose maintenance around your small holding?

Firstly, a portable toolbox and tool belt, some boxes double as a stool or sawhorse which could be handy!

Basic tools to put in your toolbox:

Hammer, screwdrivers (both flat and Phillip head), cordless drill and bit set, wrenches (including socket wrenches) and pliers.

WD-40.. this stuff is underrated!

A tape measure and pencil for marking any measurements.

Duct Tape

Basic screws, nails etc.

Wire (particularly helpful for minor repairs on fences!)

Bailing twine (For if your planning to bind up hay, you can use twine again and again!)


Chains and padlocks (remember to padlock your toolkit also!)

Bungee cords & Ratchet straps for temporarily securing loads you might be moving around the smallholding.


Cutting and grinding tools to bear in mind are:

Handsaws, power saws, sawhorses & handheld metal grinders.

We hope you have found this list helpful!