With summer coming to an end we have been researching how to use up any leftover vegetables after a bumper year in the allotments!

Some ideas we found are:

Homemade Crisps: Peel and thinly slice any leftover vegetables you have. Put them in a roasting tin and cook at 200 degrees with rapeseed oil and salt. Add your favourite herbs and spices to give the flavours a kick.

Green Vegetables: Add any leftover vegetables such as Kale & Spinach to smoothies for an energising homemade juice. If you find it too bitter you could try adding beetroot, apples & berries to sweeten it up.

Coleslaw: You can make coleslaw with just about any vegetables and even some fruits. Make a big batch of coleslaw for the weekend and store it in an airtight container. Squeeze some lemon juice over it to stop it going too brown. You can keep a jar of mayonnaise or yoghurt on the side to add to it when you are ready to serve!

Cakes: You can add vegetables to your bakes and cakes. Sweet potato, carrot, squash, courgette and beetroot are some great options for cakes and brownies. You could also make some savoury muffins using cheese, egg and vegetables.

Freezing: Any leftover vegetables you have left you could prepare like normal and freeze for a later date. You could also prep a load of veg and freeze ready to make soup from in the Winter!