Fly-tipping is becoming worse and worse as each year goes on and it can be a real problem for land owners. It is estimated councils are paying more than £67 Million a year to clean up public land and to prosecute anyone they catch. Here we are looking at some ways to help stop any potential littering.

Some ways to help protect your land could be:

  • If you have a fly-tipping ‘hot spot’ you could try installing a camera to film the area. If someone is caught, they could incur a fine up to £50,000!
  • Make sure any roadside gateways are gated or blocked by bollards or logs to stop anyone from parking and dumping their waste.
  • Check your insurance covers fly-tipping, you don’t want to be stuck paying for the disposal of the litter, especially if it is hazardous waste which needs to be specially removed.
  • As tempting as it may be do not move any rubbish from private land to the roadside as you will be committing an act of fly-tipping yourself.
  • Report any incidents to the non-emergency police line so that you can get a crime reference number should you need to contact your insurance company.


We are hoping with the councils working together fly-tipping should start slowing down. If you need to report a fly-tip you can visit the GOV website at: