So far this year there has been an increase in crime towards Land Rovers. There has been 21 incidents involving the theft of or interference of Land Rovers in Yorkshire alone! We have been looking at ways to protect your vehicle as we know what an important part of the farm they can be!

Things you could consider are:

Keep your home/farm CCTV system up to scratch. Also check general security such as gates, fences etc.

Fit a vehicle tracking system, although it won’t stop the vehicle being stolen it can help you find it!

Always leave your vehicle locked and alarmed!

Where possible leave your vehicle parked in a locked garage or outbuilding if you don’t have access to these make sure the area its parked in is well lit so you would notice if anyone tries to access it!

Never leave the vehicle keys in the same place it is parked, or in view inside your house.

Have the vehicles windows etched with the vehicle identification number.

And finally, be vigilant when using your vehicle, take note of anyone showing an interest in it!