The Winton Agricultural Tipping Trailer is ideal for smallholders and farmers in need of a reliable transport for a range of items. While easy to use, the trailer needs to be kept in good working order. While working on this attachment, please ensure that both it and the tractor are stationary and the keys are out of the ignition.

How To – WTL Agricultural Tipping Trailer

Attaching the Trailer

  1. Start by finding a flat piece of ground.
  2. Ensure the handbrake (1) is engaged on the trailer. The hand brake is located near the towing frame and can be engaged by pressing the button on the top and ensuring the handle is upright. Similarly, to disengage the handbrake the button should be pressed and then move the handle in to a horizontal position.
  3. Align the tractor’s rear drawbar to the pin hitch (2) on the trailer.
  4. Raise or lower the trailer hitch using the stand (3). The handle can be used to wind the trailer up so the trailer and tractor hitching points are aligned.
  5. Insert the tractor pin through the drawbar and trailer hitch to secure in place.

Fitting Hydraulics

Ensure your tractor has sufficient hydraulic oil in the reservoir before attaching hydraulics pipes. Consult your tractor manual for more information on the hydraulic tank and checking oil levels. Your manual will also advise on the grade of hydraulic oil to use. Type 32 hydraulic oil is a well-known grade for compact tractors. There is one hydraulic fitting (1) which needs to be coupled, this is the ½ -inch BSP (male) which is common for most compact tractors. Converters are also widely available if your tractor does not suit this size.

  1. Pull the collar back on the tractor female hydraulic fitting.
  2. Push the male trailer fitting in to the socket and release the collar to secure in to place.

Opening/Removing Panels

The sides and rear panels can be opened and folded down for easy loading and unloading. Open the rear tail gate when using the tipping function for easy offloading. The securing latches (1) need to be pulled up and twisted horizontally to allow the panel to release. There are 4 latches on the side panels and 2 on the rear panel. To remove the panels completely the panels should be folded down as above then slid to the side to release from the hinge brackets. This will need an extra pair of hands, especially on the side panels due to the weight.